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Pouring Coffee into Filter

Fan Club Hits Auckland Big Time

March 19, 2021

I'm looking at a pile of clipped coffee cards that would be the envy of any database company.  They've overflowed from my wallet to my top drawer and now I wonder why some of them have never been completely stamped or clipped.  

Why did I go there in the first place?  Convenience? Client meeting? The only place open at that time of the morning or the only place open on a Monday?

It got me thinking; why do we go to certain cafes and skip others? What makes one place our favourite hangout for a few months until we move on?  I could see at least 5 reasons for some of these cards; access for a quick on-the-move coffee, nice seating for a client meeting, good space for me to do some work, consistently good coffee, good price.

What are your go-to reasons for a coffee?

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